CHAN Ho-yi David 陳浩貽


Chan Ho-yi David is a young composer, conductor and organist born in Hong Kong. He studied composition under the tutelage of Prof. Chan Wai-kwong Victor, Prof. Lee Wan-ki Wendy and Dr. Lo Hau-man. He also studied organ under the tutelage of Wong Kin-yu. Chan has been received commissions from various organisations and performers. His works has been performed by RTHK String Quartet, Hong Kong Children’s Choir, Yat Po Singers, Romer (String Quartet), Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Festive Chamber, Chóru Basilica Cantans (Poland), Jenga - The Hong Kong Percussion Quartet, Hong Kong Virtuoso Choir etc.


Chan graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Music. During his undergraduate studies, Chan has attended various international academic occasions. At the age of 20, he was selected to present academic paper in the 2nd Chinese Composers’ Conference (2013). His choral work, A Retrospect was selected to be performed in the International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM) World Music Days in Poland (2014), making him the youngest Hong Kong composer representative ever in this event. Also, his wind-orchestral work, Reunion, was also selected to be performed in the 33rd Asian Composer League Festival & Conference (2015).


Besides, he has been a frequent holder of scholarships and awards, including the Ng Tai Kong Memorial Scholarship (2013) and Academic Creativity Award (2013). Besides, Chan was granted the CASH Music Scholarship (2015) and Jebsen & Co. Choral Arts Youth Scholarship (2015) to support his overseas postgraduate study. In July 2015, World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association awards Chan the title, World Youth Choral Artist, on a three-years term.


Since his studies in the secondary school, Chan has focused on choral arts. He is active in both local and international choral scenes, including the World Choir Games, Taipei International Choral Festival, Hong Kong International Youth & Children’s Choir Festival and sacred music services. In particular, Chan was invited to conduct the background choir for the internationally known rock & roll band, Rolling Stones during their world tour concerts in Macau (2013). Apart from choral conducting, he is active in the wind-orchestral medium as a conductor, arranger and composer, aiming diversified music development.


Before his time in London, Chan had been serving St. John’s Cathedral as chorister and All Saints’ Cathedral as organist in Hong Kong for more than eight years. Currently, Chan is serving as the Director of Music at John Keble Church in London, a member of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild, a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (C.A.S.H.) and the resident artist of Hong Kong Youth Windophilics. From September 2015, he starts to pursue master of composition at the Royal College of Music under the tutelage of Joseph Horovitz, one of the most eminent British composers, and second study in organ under the tutelage of David Graham.


陳浩貽是香港青年作曲家、指揮及管風琴師,作曲師事陳偉光教授、李允琪教授及盧厚敏博士,管風琴師事黃健羭。陳氏屢獲不同團體委約創作,作品曾由香港電台弦樂四重奏、香港兒童合唱團、一舖清唱、羅曼四重奏、香港創樂團、菁薈雅頌、Chóru Basilica Cantans(波蘭)、Jenga 香港敲擊樂四重奏、香港合唱新力量等團體演出。










Western Orchestra

Reunion (2013) [7'30"]
     for 2+picc, 2, 2, 2 - 4, 3, 2+bass, 1, timp, 4 perc, str

     for wind orchestra


If Heaven Too Had Passions (2011) [6’]

     for violin solo and string orchestra




A Night Abroad (2016) [7’30”]

     for flute, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin, viola & cello


3 Pieces for String Quartet (2016-) [6’]

     for string quartet


Revelation (2015) [6’]

     for string quartet


Lost in Paradise (2014) [1’15”]

     for viola, cello & piano


Reminiscing the Childhood (2014) [7’30”]

     for 4 percussionists (vibraphone, wind chimes, glockenspiel, rain stick, xylophone & marimba)


Utterance to Firmament (2013) [5’20”]

     for flute & clarinet


Passion from within (2013) [1’15”]

     for oboe & piano


The Jealousy of Heaven (2011) [4’10”]

     for violin, viola & piano


Ode to Autumn (2010) [3’]

     for violin, oboe & piano


Instrumental Solo

Fanfare on Auld Lang Syne (2016) [1’30”]

     for organ solo


Vocal / Choral

Gods on the Magpie Bridge (2016) [6’45”]

     for 12-part a cappella mixed chorus (S.S.S.A.A.A.T.T.T.B.B.B.)

     for 8-part a cappella female chorus (S.S.S.S.A.A.A.A.)


Grieving Burial of Flowers (2015) [14’]

1. Prologue [1’]

     for Yat Po Singers theatre company

2. Reality [3’30”]

     for Yat Po Singers theatre company

     for 4-part a cappella female chorus (S.S.A.A.)

     for 4-part a cappella male chorus (T.T.B.B.)

3. Fly and Fade [4’]

     for Yat Po Singers theatre company

     for 5-part a cappella mixed chorus (S.S.A.T.B.)

     for 5-part a cappella female chorus (S.S.A.A.A.)

     for 5-part a cappella male chorus (T.T.Bar.B.B.)

4. Truth and Fiction [2’15”]

     for Yat Po Singers theatre company

5. Burial of Flowers [3’]

     for Yat Po Singers theatre company


A Short Song of Spring (2015) [4’]

     for 4-part mixed chorus (S.A.T.B. div.), rain stick & piano

     for 4-part female chorus (S.S.A.A. div.), rain stick & piano


Lacrimosa (2015) [5’30”]

     for 3-part female chorus (S.S.A.), violin, cello & piano


For the Beauty of the Earth, hymn tune: Ming Hua Tang (2014) [3’30”]

     hymn for congregation


A Retrospect (2013) [5’]

     for 4-part mixed chorus (S.A.T.B.) & piano

     for 3-part female chorus (S.S.A.) & piano

     for soprano, mezzo-soprano & piano


Love and Harmony Combine (2013) [2’40”]

     for soprano & piano


Love seeketh not Itself to please (2012) [3’]

     for 8-part a cappella mixed chorus (S.S.A.A.T.T.B.B.)

     for 8-part a cappella female chorus (S.S.S.S.A.A.A.A.)


By Chance (2010) [4’30”]

     for 5-part a cappella male chorus (T.T.Bar.B.B.)


Incidental Music

Film score for Dis Association Ville trailer (2016) [1’10”]

     for piano & string orchestra




Ode to Autumn, Aborigine Music Workshop, 2010


Articles and Academic Papers


Music Publisher: Apple Tree Music Publishing (Hong Kong)


"New Compositional Attributes and Approaches in Composing Contemporary Chinese Choral Music." In 2013 Chinese Composers Festival. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Composers' Guild, December, 2013.

管弦樂 (西樂)

重聚 (2013) [7'30"]
     為2+picc, 2, 2, 2 - 4, 3, 2+bass, 1, timp, 4 perc, str 而寫



天若有情 (2011) [6’]





旅夜書懷 (2016) [7’30”]

     為長笛、低音單簧管、次中音色士風、 小提琴、中提琴及大提琴而寫


三首弦樂四重奏作品 (2016-) [6’]



啟示錄 (2015) [6’]



紙醉金迷 (2014) [1’15”]



回溯童年 (2014) [7’30”]

     為敲擊樂四重奏而寫 (電顫琴、風鈴、 鋼片琴、雨聲棒、木片琴及馬林巴琴)


細語穹蒼 (2013) [5’20”]



衷情 (2013) [1’15”]



天妒 (2011) [4’10”]



秋天頌 (2010) [3’]




驪歌號樂 (2016) [1’30”]



聲樂 / 合唱

鵲橋仙 (2016) [6’45”]

     為混聲十二部無伴奏合唱而寫 (S.S.S.A.A.A.T.T.T.B.B.B.)

     為女聲八部無伴奏合唱而寫 (S.S.S.S.A.A.A.A.)


葬花・遺憾 (2015) [14’]

1.  開卷 [1’]


2.  現實 [3’30”]


     為女聲四部無伴奏合唱而寫 (S.S.A.A.)

     為男聲四部無伴奏合唱而寫 (T.T.B.B.)

3.  飛・謝 [4’]


     為混聲五部無伴奏合唱而寫 (S.S.A.T.B.)

     為女聲五部無伴奏合唱而寫 (S.S.A.A.A.)

     為男聲五部無伴奏合唱而寫 (T.T.Bar.B.B.)

4.  真・假 [2’15”]


5.  葬花 [3’]



春天的短歌 (2015) [4’]

     為混聲四部合唱 (S.A.T.B. div.)、雨聲棒及鋼琴而寫

     為女聲四部合唱 (S.S.A.A. div.)、雨聲棒及鋼琴而寫


末日之淚 (2015) [5’30”]

     為女聲三部合唱 (S.S.A.)、小提琴、大提琴及鋼琴而寫


大地風光歌, 調: 明華堂 (2014) [3’30”]



題都城南莊 (2013) [5’]

     為混聲四部合唱 (S.A.T.B.) 及鋼琴而寫

     為女聲三部合唱 (S.S.A.) 及鋼琴而寫



愛情與和諧 (2013) [2’40”]



愛非悅己 (2012) [3’]

     為混聲八部無伴奏合唱而寫 (S.S.A.A.T.T.B.B.)

     為女聲八部無伴奏合唱而寫 (S.S.S.S.A.A.A.A.)


偶然 (2010) [4’30”]

     為男聲五部無伴奏合唱而寫 (T.T.Bar.B.B.)



電影 Dis Association Ville 預告片配樂 (2016) [1’10”]








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