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Doming LAM (Honorary President)

  Born in Macau in 1926, Doming Lam was one of the founding executives of the ACL (Asian Composer's League) from which he served as the Chairman of Hong Kong Section (1973 - 83) and was appointed as the Secretary General to the much valuable Chairperson Dr. Kasilag for 10 years since 1980. During this infancy period, the music exchange activities between Asian cities and the ISCM had been firmly established. Lam reformed ACL-HK to Hong Kong Composers' Guild in 1983, and was appointed as the Honorary President of the Guild. He also urged to found the Composers and Author's Society of Hong Kong (CASH) to protect performing rights, and from which he served as the Founding Director for 15 years till retiring in 1993.

Lam has studied music at the University of Toronto, University of Southern California and at the Darmstadt Music Festival-taking international summer course of new music. Lam's music is based on traditional roots with avant garde techniques, and has been widely performed in 51 cities around the world. His biography is included in the 2001 edition of the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

1926 Born in Macau
1954-1958 Studied at the University of Toronto and the Royal Conservatory of Music, graduated with composition diploma
1960-1963 Studied film music and production at University of Southern California with the eminent, 3-time Oscar winning composer, Mikros Rozsa
1965 Returned to Hong Kong upon graduation; Hong Kong Philharmonic Society sponsored a Concert featuring Lam's music
1965-1971 Worked as TV producer/director with Rediffusion TV, producing culture and variety programs
1973 ACL Inaugural Meeting committee member; elected ACL-Hong Kong Section Chairman (1973-1983); Secretary General of ACL (1980-1990)
1976 Awarded the first prize of orchestral composition, Urban Council Award
1977 Assisted Mrs. Katherine Duncan to found CASH and served in Board of Director for the longest term (1977-1994)
1979-1993 Honorary Advisor of HKCO; also served as regular guest conductor
1980 Studied new music in the International Darmstadt New Music Course, Germany
1981-1985 Produced 50 episodes of Music Makers TV programs for RTHK
1983 Reorganized ACL-Hong Kong Section by founding HKCG; elected as Honorary President
1983-1989 Appointed music director by the Cultural Institute of Macau; reformed the chamber group of 15 amateurs to a sinfonietta of 50 members, holding monthly concerto concerts
1986-1994 Composer-in-Residence and lecturer in music at HKU, teaching the courses '20th-century Composition Techniques' and 'Music and Society'
1988 Medal for the Distinction in Cultural Contribution presented by the governor of Macau
1988 Initiated a historical event - the 12th ACL Conference/Festival with ISCM; as the Chairman of the International Jury with Toru Takemitsu, Brian Ferneyhough & Chou Wen-chung, selected 700 works sent from all over the world
1988 Awarded the first 'Composer of the Year' by the Hong Kong Artists' Guild
1991 Best Teacher Award, Student Union, HKU
1993 Autumn Execution received the 20th Century Masterpiece Award presented in Beijing
1994 Retired to Toronta, Canada
1995 Three Night Songs of Li-Po was selected and performed in the president's house in Taiwan and received a souvenir
1999 One of Five Asian Composition Masters, named by the music circle in Tokyo in the 1999 Culture Day

Major Compositions
Orchestral (Western)
Twilight (1997)
      a sketch for pipa & orchestra
Heaven's Blessing: A Symphonic Prelude (1988) 13'
Contrast (1981) 13'
      for dizi, pipa, yangqin, erhu & orchestra
Insect World II (1981) 18'
Tai-Ping Shan Panorama (rev 1979) 8'30"
Aerial Ode (1978) 13'
Image (rev 1977) 25'
Thanksgiving to Joe-Kwan, the Kitchen God (1976) 18'
Gu-Chu (rev 1971) 23'
     for pf & orchestra
Essay (1958)
     for string orchestra

Orchetral (Chinese)
The Trial of Doue in a Dream (1989) 45'
     cantata for soprano, baritone & Chinese orchestra in the style of Yuan opera
Kung Fu (1987) 18'
     dialogue for pipa & Chinese orchestra
Silent Prayer (1981)
Insect World (1979) 18'
Autumn Execution (1978) 18'

Changing Wind (1990) 14'
     for vn, bass cl (doubling alto saxophone), pf & perc
Breakthrough II (1976) 15'
     for fl & vc
Three Settings of Wai City's Ballad (1966) 8'30"
     for fl & pf
Three Chinese Dances (1963) 8'
     for vn & pf
Chinese Folk Song Suite (1963) 12'
Old Fisherman (1962) 7'
     for vn
Sonata: Oriental Pearl (1961) 18'
     for vn & pf
Divertimento No.1 (1958) 16'
     for 2 fl & pf
Duet (1958) 5'
     for 2 vn
Piano Study No.1 (1954) 6'
     for tape

Piano Solo
Gu-Chu (rev 1971) 18'
Seven Popular Chinese Folk Songs (1962)
     for young pianists
Uncle's Suite (1960) 5'
     for young pianists
Prelude and Scherzo (1959) 7'

Liturgical Music (1994)
     includes 24 hymns, mass, magnificat, Te Deum & requiem; for chorus & organ
Eucharistic Prayer (1994) 17'
     a set of Proper (type II) in Cantonese for High Mass; for voice & organ
Like is their Delight (1980) 29'
     for soprano & instrumental ensemble
Two Farewell Songs from the Poems of Li-Po (1964) 7'
     for fl & high voice
Three Night Songs of Li-Po (1957) 7'
     for voice & orchestra
Reap and Gather (1953-57) 6'
     3 songs for voice & pf

The War Bridge (1983) 25'
     cantata for tenor, baritone, mixed chorus & 2 pf
A Silent Prayer (1981) 13'
     for children's choir & Chinese orchestra
Open Your Arms (1979)
     for children's choir & pf/orchestra
Missa Laudis (1962) 15'
     for SATB & organ
Gloria Patri (1961)
     for SATB & organ
Ah! Sun Flower (1958) 5'
     for SATB a cappella
Panis Angelicus (1956)
     for mixed choir, soloist & organ/orchestra

Music for Modern Dance
Triptych (1982) 33'
Legend (1981) 60'

Like is Their Delight, Philips 7337157
Sonata: Oriental Pearl, Philips 6598979
Moonlight Over Spring Water, Capital Artists CD3003S
Three Night Songs of Li-Po, Jade-Empire Records
Two Farewell Songs from the Poems of Li-Po, Jade-Empire Records
Scherzo, China Records BL57
Thanksgiving to Joe-Kwan, the Kitchen God, Hong Kong Records
Moonlight Over Spring Water for piano, Largo Records Co. LGC8801 / Man Hoi Records VA-2001
The Collection of Liturgical Music by Doming Lam, Hong Kong Catholic Centre 336-3-5005
Changing Wind, Hugo
Breakthrough, Hugo HRP 798-2
Violin Sonata, Hugo HRP 7127-2

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